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DJ CLEO - newest of the 'Original' Radiokook Family! COOL HYBRIDS!!

FIZZ  - GURGLE - Babylon Beach - Over Easy - ID - Cantika - Telephonitis!

CLUB ELECTRONICA ORGANICA - musica experimental and techno from the Lab.

Access Excess - Stompin' Pumpkins - Bubble Rap - Boingo Boingo - Alien Bush

Eightball - Intrigue - Space Cowboy - SPAM - Tribal Bytes - Unit 2 - Babylon Beach

Music Box - ID

GUESTSAn Interview with Clones! - Our Pro - Auto Guests - The Yike Shoe Company Interview! bombs... (a bomb with attitude!!) - Dr. Chuckles!

KOOKY NEWS AND VIEWS - Clinton - Where is Kosovo? - BUSHCLIP - DNA - Civil Libertarian News

Bush Passes Gas (Yep, ya heard right!) - Alien Interview (...not from around here!) - Gorebore

 ...the Party Party (THIS is the party to join!!)!!

LOTEOR THEATRE - The Strom Thurmond Interview! - A Talk with Bruce 'Puffy' Jowles!

Let's Steal Santa Claus! -- ...An Alien Beach... - The Babylon Beach Brain Probe! 

...Nixon... - State of mind...



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We are RADIOKOOK. We were one of the most listened to Original Comedy, Original Music and Original Radio Theatre websites on the Net...We wanted to expand and turn into a real web station, broadcasting from our location in San Francisco, Morning Noon and Night, to the world at large. Unfortunately, cost of operations caused us to have to shut down something we don't want to see die...

...not just yet...

We are in search of a sponsor or investor to help underwrite the costs of developing and maintaining an innovative, cool San Francisco music and comedy web station site. We are looking to form a distribution company for independent artists from around the world. This is a great opportunity for the right person or group.  You could be a company or organization who wants to get your name out - or an individual investor, wishing to see something grow and prosper that you enjoy. We have many years of experience in producing alternative and community radio. Much of the material on this website is from those same broadcasts. We also have connections to independent musicians and artists around the world, who would love to show their wares to a much bigger audience.

We would like to introduce new exciting independent artists and produce our own CD's and music, which we would broadcast and feature on our shows over the NET. We would be an entirely independent music and talk webstation.  In the beginning, we would do a weekly broadcast live and put it up on the site for listening. From there we would be able to grow, and when the listening public were to find out about our unique form of programming, they would listen with great anticipation. We would also have our own original music and comedy which we would promote, as well as music that we would broadcast on behalf of participating artists. Special agreements would be made and CD's would be sold on the site for a portion of the proceeds.

Other merchandise can be sold as well including shirts, posters, stickers and would also like to offer cool electronics like mp3 players and legal FM mini-transmitters.

Radiokook was on the web for three years.   We had established a large presence on
the web and were in a position to really grow into something wonderful.   Lack of funding gave us no choice but to shut down the independent site we created. But we haven't given up on the concept that the site represents. We would also like to have games and tournaments on the site and give away cash prizes to increase interest and develop a larger audience. We can do a lot with very little.   Let's Create something that can be and will become very valuable.

We are not looking for people just to spend money (although that would be nice too!). We want friends to share our creative vision of a world where we all can laugh at the world and each other.  A Cyber getaway - world without hate, with real freedom, peace, harmony and justice. In short, a true International spot where anyone and everyone can feel that they belong. If you are all just strait biz, then you have come to the KooKy place!

Be part of the Internet radio revolution.

                        WE ARE PART OF THE CUTTING EDGE !!!  LET US CUT YOU IN TOO!!!!

                            for information contact : [email protected] 

                    " Kookiness is what asks you to indulge in your deepest fantasies......   
                           and experience what you can imagine."  The Grand Kookbah 
                                                  Updated on February 6,  2003                                            

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   Permission granted to use material for non-commercial purposes or broadcast as long as Radiokook receives credit for origination.

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